Maureen Wilner


Managing Partner


As a managing partner of ISG, Maureen’s talent and enthusiasm for finding the right fit permeates every aspect of her dealings. She has a knack for distilling the various facets of a business, from the broad strokes of a company’s culture to the details of a specific job’s requirements, in order to identify the best resources. Maureen’s collaborative approach in working with decision makers on both long term special projects and permanent placements is appreciated throughout the industry; her clients value how engaged and thorough she is and they know they can rely on her with confidence. The high value she places on her business relationships along with her business acumen make Maureen an ideal partner in pinpointing and fulfilling any business’ needs.

Before launching ISG, Maureen was a top producer at a large staffing agency for over five years where she focused exclusively on the consulting practice for finance and accounting.

In addition to her staffing expertise, Maureen is a consummate hostess and loves to throw parties with her husband at their home, showcasing her masterful cooking skills and often featuring homegrown vegetables and flowers from her garden. Even when not entertaining, Maureen relishes the lively atmosphere created by her 2 adult sons, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. She loves the physical and mental energy she gets from exercising, and also looks forward to exploring her recently discovered aptitude for golf.


Maureen’s contact info: [email protected] or 201-897-6301